In an effort to keep dental costs down while maintaining a high level of professional care we have established the following payment plans that you can take advantage of after your first visit.

Fees may be paid as follows: (Please note 1 discount per appointment):

  • Prepayment, or payment of cash at time of treatment with a 5% discount.
  • OR
  • Use of your VISA or MASTERCARD at time of treatment with a 2% discount.
  • OR
  • Senior citizens will receive a 5% or 7% discount with cash or check at time of appointment.

We also have patient financing available through CareCredit.  Accounts outstanding more than 90 days from treatment date will bear interest at 2% per month.

Dental Insurance

Or "Dental Assistance", as it should be called, is designed to help pay part of the cost of dental treatment. Your employer has made this coverage available to you and we will do our best to maximize its benefits. Please bring your insurance benefit booklet, and card. Your insurance contract is between you and your insurance company.  The type of benefits in your contract depend on what your employer has negotiated with his company and the amount of money you wish to pay in premiums.  We will try and compute your portion of the fees at the time of your appointment.  Any other financial arrangements must be made in advance.

We look forward to seeing you.